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Lip injections


At Plump, we are specially trained to utilize combined techniques to help our patients reach their lip goals. Each lip service is customized based on your natural anatomy and the look you want to achieve. We use dermal fillers that are designed to shape, plump, and heighten the lips - without giving you that over-projected or over-done look. Hyaluronic-acid based fillers, such as Versa®, are used in this procedure. 

Plump Lips Technique:

Plump's signature technique is tailored to give your lips a gorgeous plump, while maintaining our natural lip anatomy and overall shape.

+ Pricing begins at $695/syringe

Russian Lips Technique:

Plump is one of the only medspas in the PNW that is trained to offer this advanced technique. This technique is tailored to augment the shape of the lips, further enhance the Cupid's bow, increase the height of the lips, while focusing on central volume. 

+ Pricing begins at $795/syringe

+ Not all patients are candidates and must be consulted with for clearance


Hylenex (hyaluronidase) is an injectable enzyme that is FDA approved to dissolve dermal fillers. In cases of filler migration, nodules, asymmetries, or undesirable shape or volume, your injector may advise on dissolving your lips prior to refilling. 

+ Pricing begins at $150 

+ Several sessions/vials may be necessary 

+ Must wait 2 weeks to refill after dissolving

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